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Wolfenstein Patch 1.11

20.10.2009 : 19:36
The 1.11 patch fixes these items in the single player campaign. Old save games will still work with the new patch. Be sure to have already upgraded to version 1.1 before installing the new patch. Installation is easy. Simply download the installer and double click to run the file.


--> Wolfenstein Patch 1.11 (International)
--> Wolfenstein Patch 1.11 (German)


  • Fixed issue resulting in user receiving gamex86.dll error
  • Fixed issue that caused crashes when users broke numerous breakable objects during a Single Player Campaign
  • Fixed issue that corrupted a save file after restarting a mission
  • Updated the Wolf2.exe with a SecuROM fix that prevented users from launching the executable properly
Palace Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Spear of Destiny (Beta 1)

20.10.2009 : 19:31

~ Download ~
Duke's knife, the Spear of Destiny, is feared among many. The Axis HQ have learned where the Allies keep Duke's knife 'The Spear of Destiny' and gone try to steal it. The Axis need to fight there way into the catacombs and located the Spear Of Destiny on top of the big pyramid. Once they have control of the knife they have to secure it in the truck that stands ready to bring them to safety.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Map: Hong Kong Sniper (Beta 1)

20.10.2009 : 19:00

~ Download ~
This is a snipermap based on real buildings in Hong Kong. The real ones are: Shun Tak Centre, Bank of China and Lippo Towers.
There are lot's of sniperplaces on both sites, also on hard to reach places. There is no border so be prepared for close combat.
ET-Only Mapping
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ET-Map: 08/15 CTF (Final)

17.10.2009 : 10:28

~ Download ~
Small CTF Map For Max 4 Players.

One day of work. Had this done pretty quick. It all started with the iron cross in the middle, the rest just poped into my head. The gameplay also. Fits perfect on 1on1 servers. For bugs use this thread. ~Qualmi
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ET-Map: Pipeline (Beta 1)

16.10.2009 : 20:29

~ Download ~
The Allies are attempting to steal components of the new Axis radar. The Axis must guard their two radars and prevent the Allies from escaping with any stolen parts.
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
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ET-Mod: TJmod 1.5.2

15.10.2009 : 22:40
TJMod 1.5.2 is now released, featuring a few bugfixes and it will now write and update records locally. E.g. if a new record is set at a map, the record is saved locally on the server and will be there next time the map loads, toggled with tjg_localRecords and enabled by default.
This has no effect on the previous record writing, or on streaming servers. This just uses the existing system with timeruns/mapname.rec and now writes records when set instead of just being able to get updated files from the website.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.5.2

ET-Map: CTF Staatsschutz Frag Arena (Final)

15.10.2009 : 22:30

~ Download ~
The first one who captures 8 flags wins the map. You can see the score at the scoreboard at each side.

The map is made for up to 32 players but can also be played with up to 40 players.

There are 24 spawnpoints at each side and the timelimit is 30 minutes.

ET-Map: Haemar (Alpha 10)

15.10.2009 : 20:18

~ Download ~
The allies has to take the City flag, steal the documents and escape with the repaired truck.
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
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Wolfenstein Demo for PC

15.10.2009 : 18:26
A few months too late, but finally the PC demo of Wolfenstein is released.

Download Mirrors:

--> Forum
Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Sniperhell (Beta 1)

12.10.2009 : 08:56

~ Download ~
Another sniper map made by TTW Conflict.
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ET-Map: No Mercy 1.0

05.10.2009 : 16:49

~ Download ~
The allies and axis are having a battle with No Mercy! It's all about the safe, documents and radar post.

"The map was designed with my kids paper/pencils, on vacation, while lying near the pool having a beer. It was made for smaller servers or scrims, but I think you have to test that yourself. We played it with 5vs5 which was no problem.

The objective is simple. Allies get to the Axis safe, blow it up, get the documents and bring it to the radar post. Have fun playing it and let me know if you run into weard things." ~Blowfish

Blowfish via PM
| Clan Blackops

~ Q3-Games Model Tool v1.6.2 ~

04.10.2009 : 11:50
The 'Q3-Games Model Tool' supports all Q3-Engine based games.
It's a tool for playermodel-makers, mappers and modders.

Download & Info:

--> Q3 Model Tool v1.6.2
--> 'Q3 Model Tool' Website


  • Converting playermodels (MDM, MDX & MDS)
  • Calculating LOD (Level of Detail)
  • Converting to MD3 from MAP, MS3D & ASE
  • Adding frames to an MD3
  • Deleting frames from an MD3
  • Manipulating tags in an MD3
  • Editing MD3 (fixing gasps, smoothing surfaces, rotating, ...)
  • And many more...

ET-Map: Old Bones (Beta 1)

03.10.2009 : 14:53

~ Download ~
Not a story... Just blood! GI's and Vietcongs must fight to own Old Bones. Frag a lot and try to capture and defend the flag for 5 minutes! Who will be the king of Old Bones?
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ET-Mod: TJmod 1.5.1

02.10.2009 : 23:15
TJMod 1.5.1 is now released.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.5.1

Some new stuff:

  • More integrated with online records, prints a banner (tj_bptimes, tj_cpmtimes to re-enable old mode) when someone breaks global #1 records or sets a record for the first time at timerun maps (added banner print).
  • (playerside) Timer with checkpoints and additional features.
  • Fixed ability to abuse save with crouch and prone to get a bugged start (all bugged times will be removed soon).
  • Nosave area (check: timerun mapping)
  • Grapical drawspeed aka etpro's speedometer only way better :P (only for non-timerun maps due to performance issues)
  • Div drawing options for speed, startspeed, average speed, moved distance.

ET-Map: Caen 4 (Final)

01.10.2009 : 23:45

~ Download ~
The Allies have control of Caen and have set up a Battalion Headquarters across the river. The Axis are trying to regain control of the town and get to a broken down tank, break into battallion HQ, and steal combat intelligence.

Etch via E-Mail
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ET-Map: Battleship (Beta 2)

01.10.2009 : 21:33

~ Download ~
The Axis Battleship Scharnau is harassing Allied shipping. The Axis must protect it from Allied attempts at sabotage.
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ET-Map: Saqqara Sniper (Final)

30.09.2009 : 12:51

~ Download ~
With the ruins and pyramids has the Saqqara Sniper the atmosphere of Indiana Jones. The map has many hiding places and offers with the subterranean ways to move itself möglichkeit unnoticed on the map to and from.

The map is a No-Crossing Map.
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ET-Mod: Enhanced Mod v1.0.1

29.09.2009 : 22:28
Enhanced Mod is a server side mod expansion pack for server administrators to tweak unsettable game behaviour stuff given by the original mod. No extra pk3 needed! ~Equal One


--> Enhanced Mod v1.0.1

First Beta-Release contains only fixed predefined settings:

  • If the primary weapon is a Thompson, then you have a additional MP40 in your inventory
  • If the primary weapon is a t is a K43, then you have a additional Garand in your inventory
  • 2 Rifles
  • Spawn with 8 Knifes
  • Spawn with 18 Adrenaline syringes (if enabled)
  • Spawn with full ammo (smg -> 120, sten -> 128, FG40 -> 80)
  • Every class carry smoke bombs

Future planed features:

Personal definable settings by a config file (weapons/start ammo/ammo in clip) - More !xxxxx (fun) commands integrated in Jaymod level hierarchy
Installation notes:
The beta 1.0.1 download pack is designed for Jaymod 2.1.7 installation. Just unzip whole content in your jaymod folder (may overwrite) and done! On other mods (also versions then 2.1.7) replace the binary "" with the original mod "" binary.
WolfMap Forum sucht Unterstützung

28.09.2009 : 21:28 sucht Unterstützung in den folgenden Bereichen:

  • Leute, die sich in Mapping / Texturing / u.ä. auskennen (in den Bereichen Wolf & ET)
  • Leute, die sich für die Organisation von LANs interessieren
  • Leute, die sich für Cup-Aufstellungen interessieren und hier Einfluss nehmen wollen.

Die Jobs sind ehrenamtlich und es wird pflichtbewusstsein verlangt. Das heisst, nicht gelegentliches Arbeiten daran, wenn man gerade mal Zeit hat, sondern mit Absprache des entsprechenden CO-A's (= Co-Administrator der Abteilung) regelmässig fortschrittlich am Aufbau der Websites hilft.

ET-Mod: AntiPro (Beta 4 Build 1)

12.10.2009 : 08:45
Antipro is a project coming from developers of the Anti3 anticheat that was used in the World Cup 3v3 and Crossfire NC. The mod is based on ETPro and has one main goal: Supply the community with an alternative Anticheat that is supposed to improve the level of protection against cheaters (as much as we can do).

Download & Info:

--> AntiPro (Beta 4 Build 1)
--> AntiPro Forum


~ Bundestagswahl 2009 ~

28.09.2009 : 09:20
Vorläufiges Ergebnis:

Union : 33,8% ( -1,4%)
SPD   : 23,0% (-11,2%)
FDP   : 14,6% ( +4,8%)
Linke : 11,9% ( +3,2%)
Grüne : 10,7% ( +2,6%)
Andere:  6,0% ( +2,1%)

Wahlbeteiligung: 71% (-7%)

ET-Skinpack: Camopack

24.09.2009 : 17:12
This small skinpack made by [xD] JenkinS gives every class another camouflage pattern on the uniform.


--> Camopack

[xD] JenkinS via PM

QW-Map: Abusir (Beta 1)

24.09.2009 : 17:08

~ Download ~
Destroy the Cooling Generator and destroy The Zero-Point-Energy Core.
Community Enemy Territory

Verkaufsstop der dt. Version von Wolfenstein

22.09.2009 : 16:44
Activision Blizzard ruft alle Versionen des Spiels zurück

Activision Blizzard hat alle Händler in Deutschland gebeten, sämtliche Versionen von Wolfenstein (USK 18, PC; PS3; Xbox 360) aus dem Regal zu nehmen. Grund hierfür soll eine Kleinigkeit sein, die bei der Anpassung und Lokalisierung für den deutschen Markt übersehen worden ist.

"Obwohl es sich nicht um ein auffallendes Element handelt, das zudem im normalen Spiel allenfalls kurzfristig erkennbar sein kann, haben wir uns entschlossen, dieses Spiel sofort vom deutschen Markt zu nehmen."

Bereits im Schnittbericht wurde ein auch in der dt. Version enthaltenes Hakenkreuz gezeigt. Es ist davon auszugehen, das dieses Hakenkreuz der Grund für die Rückrufaktion ist. (Anmerkung: In der deutschen Version von Wolfenstein wurden mehrere Hakenkreuze und mindestens eine Parole übersehen, dafür fiel mir das auf gezeigte Hakenkreuz nicht auf. ~Berzerkr)

Es ist bis jetzt nicht bekannt ob eine bereinigte Version des Spiels in Planung ist.
sl.Rippchen via ICQ

ET-Map: Warzone (Beta 1)

21.09.2009 : 13:10

~ Download ~
Welcome to the warzone. Allies are attacking a city that is suppressed by allied attacks. Allies are searching for the last hideout place of the axis. Allies have to escort the tank and find the last hideout where they have to destroy the axis communication centre. Axis have to prevent this. Only thing that is intact is the UJE friends bar, have fun in there.

Special stuff:

  • A Hammond in the church and sound when entering the church
  • Planes bombing the place every 6 minutes.
  • Firesupport is shooting the planes from the ground
  • A big cafe Spawn with lots of efffects:
    • A disco with lots of beats and a sampler
    • Disco lights
    • Laser show
    • Smokemachine
    • Free drinks
    • Dartboard
    • Doctor Who beaming telephonecell
    • And lots of paintings from friendly clans of the [UJE]clan
  • Semi bullet-proof cafe.
  • Parachute drop
So lot's of funstuf in the bar, a place where you can really relax and rest or even take a dance, drink some beers or gamble a bit.ET-Only
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ET-Mod: Jaymod 2.1.7 Fix

20.09.2009 : 19:19
Scenative made a small fix for Jaymod 2.1.7 wich removes the "Loading" and the "Jaymod 2.1.7" from the connect screen.

--> Jaymod 2.1.7 Fix

ET-TC: 'True Combat: Elite' Easy Installer

19.09.2009 : 15:53

TC:E Easy Installer allows us to install 'True Combat: Elite' in a very easy and fast way. The installation program includes: Enemy Territory 2.60b, True Combat Elite 0.49b, PunkBuster (updated to 09/09/2009) and a pk3 files from most popular TC:E servers. After you install the game using this installer, you can smoothly connect to the most popular servers and start playing without any problems!


--> 'True Combat: Elite' Easy Installer

What is 'True Combat: Elite'?

'True Combat: Elite' (TC:E) is a modern world total conversion of the free, popular, stand-alone first-person shooter, 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory'. TC:E is a tactical-team shooter, set up in a modern-world environment. TC:E puts you into the role of elite mercenary soldier in the conflicts of two internationally operating forces. The Global Intervention Force (GIF626 aka in-game as "Spec Ops") is a special force formed of the top of the world experts joining from US Delta force, UK SAS, German KSK and GSG9, to mention a few. An international mercenary organization known as "The Unit" (aka "Terror" in-game) is their opponent. It was reported that some members of the Unit were once with the Special Op forces, but the lure of money was strong. More information here.WolfMap Forum

ET-Map: Stargate (Beta 2)

19.09.2009 : 11:42

~ Download ~
Prevent the Axis from stealing the stargate, contact the Goa'ul and dominate the universe!
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
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Wolf-SP-Mod: Deconsolized v1

19.09.2009 : 07:51
This is a quick pre-sdk mini mod that removes some of the "console" effects of the game plus a couple of other minor changes to make the game more challenging like what a fps for the pc should be.


--> Deconsolized v1

Wolf-SP-Mod: Wolf Redux v1.3

18.09.2009 : 13:59
This mod for Wolfenstein enhances and corrects some aspects of the game without affecting gameplay balance or performance. See readme.txt in the zip file for more info about all features.


--> Wolf Redux v1.3