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ET-Map: Rail Supply (Alpha)

16.08.2005 : 13:56

Allies are transporting a train from France filled with supplies to Southern Germany. The supplies are key for an attack on an Axis camp. Allies must destroy the Radar Controls so that the train can pass undected. Axis must keep the radar intact to send for reinforcements!

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ET-Map: Laneuville (Beta 1)

16.08.2005 : 13:49

Laneuville is for 6vs6. Only one objective: Be the first to explode Sand Castle. Axis must destroy the V2, Allieds must defend it.

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DOM-Map: Wolken (Beta 1)

16.08.2005 : 13:43

The Battle of Wolken is over but it seems someone forgot about the troops who were posted in the outer regions of Wolken, sadly they got left behind but rather than continue the conflict they decided to have a good old game of Powerball.

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RtCW-Bot: Fritz Bot 0.50 Beta Angekündigt!

16.08.2005 : 13:35

Gute Nachricht für die RtCW-Zocker. Maleficus hat den Code für den Fritz Bot 0.50 Beta fertiggestellt und wenn sich in einer internen Testphase keine Bugs finden steht einem baldigem Release nichts im Weg.


Fritz Bot v.50 BETA is code complete and entering an extensive internal testing phase. A release should be available very soon.

This version of Fritz Bot will have support for ALL default OBJECTIVE and CAPTURE POINT maps, as well as many popular custom maps of both game types. The waypoint and scripting tools will also be released so that anybody can create paths/scripts for Fritz, as well as a comprehensive tutorial on how to use them.

Fritz Bot has 100% support for all RtCW classes and weapons, a tactical understanding that matches (if not surpasses) many human pub players, and doesn't cheat, lag or whine. :-)

Website: Fritz Bot


- Maleficus

"Fritz Bot: AI with character"


DOM-Map: Venice (Beta 1)

14.08.2005 : 20:19

The Allies and Axis are put face to face. They fight for the total control of the area, it's Powerball! Take the ball and score it in the enemy base, but don't forget to defend your own goal.

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ET-Map: Chess v1

13.08.2005 : 15:24

Adolf and Winston decided themselves to have a tiny game of chess. Naturally, this all ends bad and your team is sent in to clean up the mess. To make it all worse, the enemy has done the same. Your leader has decided for you to destroy all enemy chess pieces at all cost! While at the same time defend your own ones!

| Arctic Warfare

ET-Map: Domination (Final)

12.08.2005 : 11:53

Capture both control points and hold them continuously for 10 seconds to score.

| Unitmixers

ET-Map: Canyon 3 (Final)

05.07.2006 : 17:33
UPDATED July 4, 2006- map ends in draw when 30 min. timelimit hit and neither objective has been completed. Please remove old version from ET/main before installing. Thanks!

Both sides have to dynamite a vault door in the other's base, capture and secure the documents. Construct bridges for fast access to forward spawnflags. The lower route is blocked by a constructible/dynamitable Allied Dam and Axis Gate.

| Shadrach

DOM-Map: Attack (Final)

11.08.2005 : 17:25

This map is called dom_attack.pk3 and it is based on the map Loffy's Madness. It is a medium-sized map and it is optimal for 6-12 players on each team. Respawn-times are kept short, for faster gameplay. Match-time: 20 minutes. The map has an easy-to-understand and no-nonsense layout: All fragging takes place indoors, on four floors. The bases are identical and mirrored. Both teams have an initial respawntime of 2 seconds. Whenever a team scores, their
respawntime will increase with 1 second. For example, the Axis scores twice and their respawntime will now be 4 seconds. When the respawntime reaches 10 seconds, it will not increase anymore. Max respawntime on this map is 10 seconds. When a team scores, its spawn-area might be pushed backwards. The purpose is to aid the other team. These principles applies to both teams.
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RtCW-SP-Map: The Fortress (Final)

08.08.2005 : 17:06
Eine Singleplayer-Map von Vicpas für das gute alte RtCW. Viel Spaß beim zocken!

"The Germans built a fortress on top of an old cemetary far away from the Wolfenstein Castle. They transferred weapons, treasures and some projects they had developed to eliminate the Allies. Your objectives are to destroy these weapons, weaken the purchasing power of the Germans by stealing all of the treasures and locate the book describing the deadly projects.
Pay attention soldier, because the fortress is heavily guarded and terrible creatures, which
were invoked by the German scientists, protect the treasures. After having accomplished all the tasks, find an exit that will lead you to a submarine. It is on the coast waiting to take you and the items you have collected to a safe place."Planet Wolfenstein
| WildStar's Maps

ET-Skinpack: Old Allies (Final)

08.08.2005 : 16:38
Kleiner Grafikmod von Cafeco der dem Medic und Engineer der Alliierten alte Gesichter gibt.



07.08.2005 : 16:32
Von Mortis stammen ein paar ETpro-Mapscripts die bei den aufgeführten Maps Bugs fixen, bzw. die Map für Competitions attraktiver machen.

-[ Download ''ETpro-Mapscripts'' ]-

Fixes spawn bug, gold bug, grenade/mortar over roof into stairwell exploit, and satchel/crane control exploit.

In addition to the standard etpro features, the autospawn is set to the command post (if active) at spline 71. An announcement indicates when this is set. This forces players to autospawn foward when the tank exits the tunnels and is heading towards the depot.

Updates many aspects of gameplay: time is reduced to 15 mins, depot defenses can be knocked down with grenades, bridge is easy to build, tank is fast and invulnerable, except at the end of the map, after blowing the side wall, the tank becomes 'normal', and now features a spline 71 autospawn at command post (if active).

Fixes oil tank exploits.

Fixes spawn bug, gold bug, grenade/mortar over roof into stairwell exploit, and satchel/crane control exploit.
| ET-Resource-Site

ET-Map: Endor (Final)

07.08.2005 : 14:48

Troopers have landed on Endor to desroy the Shield Generator for the Dark Star.


ET Domination - Powerball's First Cup!

07.08.2005 : 08:54

Die ET-Resource-Site berichtet in einer News über den ersten
''ET Domination - Powerball'' Cup.

-[ News @ ET-Resource-Site ]-

-[ ClanBase - ET Domination - Powerball Cup Rules ]-

-[ ET Domination ]-


Neue Partnerseite:

06.08.2005 : 15:19
Wir begrüßen unsere neue Partnerseite von Hawkeye.

Diese neue Communityseite ist zwar noch im Aufbau aber durchaus schon sehenswert. Bis zum Erscheinen von RtCW2 wird man sich dort mit ET beschäftigen.

ET-Tutorial-Maps für Mapper

05.08.2005 : 17:08
Wer an Mappen interessiert ist und bereits mit dem Radianten etwas vertraut ist, kann sich an den zehn Tutorial-Maps von EB versuchen. Die Maps Funktionieren, .map-File liegt bei und kann zu Übungszwecken verändert werden.

-[ Visit ''Tutorial Maps by EB'' ]-
  • #1 - 1st_room.pk3
    first room with readme.txt file explaining most of the steps.

  • #2 - 1st_room_lights_doors.pk3
    extended the 1st map with rooms, doors & lights.

  • #3 - after_beginner_tutorial.pk3
    4 rooms with different uses of different entities

  • #4 - func_map.pk3
    more of an explanation and uses of targetnamed entities and their use together

  • #5 - textures_common.pk3
    Almost all of the shaders of the common textures directory lined up for reference.

  • #6 - brush_manipulation.pk3
    Learn to shape different objects in radiant, this explains ways that the beginning mapper can learn to use. Make maps that don't look so 'square and artificial' after you learn from this. (There will be an advanced level for B_M.)

  • #7 - texture_manipulation.pk3
    Learn to move and size textures in radiant. Make maps that don't look so 'Tiled and blah' after you learn from this.

  • #8 - models_101.pk3
    Learn how to make sure models show in radiant along with extra features for their manipulation.

  • #9 - construct.pk3
    Learn a simple to moderately complex construction sequence

  • #10 - info_limbo_cameras.pk3
    Learn how to setup the information portion at the bottom of the limbo screen

Complete ET-Domination Player Guide

04.08.2005 : 20:37

Von foonr stammt ein kompletter Guide zu Domination. Der Guide enthält eine Einführung zu Domination, Hinweise zur Installation, eine übersicht der Maps und Tip's zum Tweaken.

-[ Complete ET-Domination Player Guide ]-


ET-Map: Tatooine (Final)

04.08.2005 : 09:11

Troopers have landed on Tatooine, short of power to reach Coruscant. They need to find Power Boosters on Tatooine, controlled by the Raiders forces.

| Unitmixers

ET-Map: Hindenburg (Beta 3)

24.12.2005 : 05:23

Allies must steal the decoder from the Axis test base. They must carry the decoder to the Hindenburg II blimp.

| Pro+osS

RtCW-Server - Neue IP

01.08.2005 : 13:31

Die IP unseres RtCW-Servers hat sich aufgrund eines Umzuges des Sponsors zu einem anderen Provider geändert.

~ ~

WolfMap-RtCW / ShrubMod / Hydro2 & Operation Cobra

ET-Maps: Desert Operations (Final)

01.01.2006 : 23:19

= Larger Size =
Sechs saubere Maps in einer pk3 bekommt man mit Desert Operations. Dürfte ideal sein für Gameserver die neben den Standard-Maps auch eine andere Kampagne laufen lassen möchten. Als kleines Extra legte der Mapper noch eine Trickjump-Map für seine Maps mit drauf um den Spielern die Möglichkeit zu geben die Sprünge seperat üben zu können.

Folgende Maps sind enthalten:
Fuel Depot, Launch Facility, Mechatronics, Oil Kombinat, Pipeline Refinery, Radar Laboratory.
Extra-Map: ETdo Trickjumps
| ET Desert Operations

ET-Movie: ''los-poke''

31.07.2005 : 13:23 bietet das sehr stylische Movie ''los-poke'' zum Download an.

-[ DL-Seite @ ]-

ETpro 3.2.2 Beta 3

25.10.2005 : 19:44
Heute ist die Beta 2 vom 3.2.2'er ETPro erschienen. Sie läuft bald auf unserem Server:

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.2.2 Beta 3'' ]-

~ BETA 3 ~

b_extendedprone (default 0, disabled) - enables accurate hitbox for proning animations, and makes the prone animation transition through crouching.
b_killshot_delay (default 0, disabled) - time in milliseconds to take automatic screenshot after a kill.

listenserver should work again.
limbo camera wallhack fixed.
callvote-go-spec exploit fixed.
players/specs got g_inactivity/g_spectatorInactivity punted during pause. fixed.
/configstrings exploit fixed.
instant respawn exploit fixed.
flamethrower bounced flames bug fixed. (chruker fix)

~ BETA 2 ~

b_pronedelay behavior is changed:
0 = etmain normal behavior: no spread change, and players may not un-prone for 750ms.
1 = max spread for 1 second after proning, players may not un-prone for 1750ms
shoutcasters are now immune from g_spectatorInactivity

Class Limits:
set to -1 for no limit, 0 to disable the class, any other number will limit that class to the specified number of players.
Client limbopanel ui will show if classes are unavailable or not, but does not currently prevent you from selecting them with the mouse or quickmenu (the server will still prevent players from violating class limits though)

- server hang fixed
- following spectators on ettv would show bogus "soldier" class

~ BETA 1 ~

zero-bandwidth hitsounds - spectators can now hear hitsounds when spectating other players who have it turned off

New Crash Handler:
all new crash handler for win32 and linux.
drmingw/drwatsn no longer needed for win32, and is in fact no longer desired.
new crash handler can detect server hard lockups ("99% cpu"), create crashdump and shutdown the server.
set the cvar b_crashlogpath to the path you want to want to save crashdump files to. eg on win32 set b_crashlogpath c:\ and on linux, set b_crashlogpath /home/etserver on win32 you can enable a gui crash popup window with b_crashpopup 1 - !!warning!! server will be halted until the crash dialog box is closed.

- fix semiadmin cvar-command bug. custom cvars which admins intend to be vstr'able need to be named with an extension of ".cvar". semiadmins accessing the cvar for vstr should reference it without the ".cvar" extension.
- fix the limbo'd-dead-player-counts-against-weaponlimit bug. if a player is limbo'd, it now only counts the latched weapon against weaponlimits, not the last-spawned weapon.
- fixed bug where b_demo_nametags disguised names overlapped regular names. hopefully fix the server-lockup-bug.
| Thread im ETPro-Forum

ET-Tool: ET-Tweaker v1

29.07.2005 : 01:23
Config-Editor von Flak. Mithilfe dieses Tools soll es möglich sein auf einfachste art und weise Änderungen an der Config vorzunehmen sowie Scripts und Binds zu erstellen.

-[ Download ''ET-Tweaker v1'' ]-

"A small, stand-alone program designed to help people who are new to config file creation, and who want to customise their gaming experience."


  • Over 30 easy to understand CVARs to modify, with detailed descriptions, and easily selectable options.
  • Ability to create your own 'say' and 'vsay' binds, as well as a combination of both.
  • Pre-Made Default Template.
  • Exclude any CVAR you want from your config file.
  • Graphics Quality and Relative FPS graphs to show how modifying certain CVARs will affect your game play.
  • Easy Wizard style layout, with different stages (Example: View Settings, Gun/Crosshair Settings).
  • Ability to add "foreign" CVARs to your config. file.
  • Add useful ET scripts to your config file, such as akimbo scripts.
  • Set up Class binds with the Class Selector.
  • On screen keyboard – no need to remember the bindable key names anymore.
  • Easily saves to your ETMain folder by a one-click save function, for simple initialization.
| CTJ Solutions

Hosting bei GameProphets

29.07.2005 : 01:02

"Habt Ihr noch keinen Sponsor oder passenden Hoster für Eure Communityseite gefunden oder pflastert Euch Euer alter Hoster mit Werbung und PopUp's voll? Dann wird es höste Zeit den Hoster zu wechseln.

GameProphets bietet ab sofort Hosting für Games-Communityseiten aller Art an. Die genauen Bedinungen, sowie Infos zur Kontaktaufnahme findet Ihr hier."
U.K.Visuals von GameProphets

ET-TC: TC:E: Have guns ever looked so good?

28.07.2005 : 03:14

Weitere Neuigkeiten von der TrueCombat:Elite Mod.
Auf der TC:Elite-Homepage zeigen die Entwickler sehenswerte Screenshots von neuen Waffen und einer neuen Map.

-[ TC:Elite ]-


DG-Map: Underground (Final)

26.07.2005 : 09:15

Deathmatch-Map für DeGeneration von BigBadWolf.

Planet Wolfenstein
| Æthergames

ET-Map-WIP: Paris Bastille

25.07.2005 : 14:36
Uchronic Arbeitet momentan zusammen mit Bob le Roux an "Paris Bastille". Die Map wurde durch Reale geschehnisse Beeinflusst. Da die Map noch nicht für den Einsatz auf Publics gedacht ist sind Fehlermeldungen und verbesserungsvorschläge an den Mapper willkommen. Den Download der Alpha und Screenshots dieser vielversprechenden Map finden Sie unter dem Angegebenen Link.

-[ Forenthread auf SplashDamage ]-

-[ Download ''Paris Bastille (Alpha 4)'' ]-

"Paris, France, summer 1944. Paris is being liberated. Even though the occupying forces has received the order to burn Paris before it can be liberated, they have refused to do so for various reasons. But an axis commando, hidden in a basement near "La Bastille", still believe that they must execute this order. Their objectives are two pillars, located underground, that support an important building. An allied commando has secured the area, scealed the entrance and are waiting for reinforcement. They must protect the entrance to the underground, and the two pillars."
| Servers running this Map

ET-Movie: ''A wonderful season''

25.07.2005 : 10:20 bietet ein sehenswertes Movie des Teams VagrantS ET zum Download an.

-[ DL-Seite @ own-age ]-

Verschiedene Customs für TC:E

24.07.2005 : 02:32

In letzter zeit sind einige neue Maps für True Combat: Elite erschienen die wir Euch nicht vorenthalten möchten.

-[ Keep ]-
-[ Karnak ]-
-[ Dracula ]-
-[ Wed 1.0 ]-

Weitere Maps befinden sich in unserer TC:E-Mapsection.
ChiemseeMan von ET-Maps