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ET-Prefabs: Magic's Prefabs

11.10.2008 : 21:35
Magic created two prefabs for free use in your own map.


--> Crane
--> Church

Magic's Territory

ET-Map: Adlerhorst TE (Final)

10.10.2008 : 13:10

~ Download ~
The Allies are attacking the Adlerhorst and must escort their Sherman M4A3 Tank as it blasts through the defenses. The Axis can disable and delay the Tank with Panzerfausts, grenades, mines or explosives.

Changes from Final to Tournament Edition:

  • Opened the balcony at the Adlerhorst (many players requested that).
  • Added an additional escape path for allies over the rocks. Have fun Rambo-Medics!
  • Added a bunker for Axis that should allow them to keep the bridge longer.
  • The hill above the spawn can be used for sniping now.
  • Added a hunting stand for Allies and Axis.
  • The hut at the yard in front of the Adlerhorst should give Allies more cover.
  • Changed the German MG42 at the Sherman to a Browning (little mistake as the tank script is based on Goldrush).
  • r_speeds got higher due to opening the balcony and removing some vis blocking.

Important note:

The map runs fine with default hunkmeg (memory) settings with 48-56 players. For more players please set higher hunkmegs by entering the following in the console: "set com_hunkmegs 128". This is especially recommended for server admins.
| paZur Mapping

ET-Map: Goldrush GALS (Final)

08.10.2008 : 09:41

~ Download ~
A goldrush map modified by RayBan to allow greater access to old and new areas while trying to maintain a stock looking map from the players point of view. Most of the new areas are secrets that will have to be discovered.
Molotov via PM
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Oldskool Sniper (Final/Fixed)

08.10.2008 : 09:35

~ Download ~
Again a snipermap, this time the students of this skool are bored. So they do some afterskool sniping. When youre inside the skool you won't get bored because there is music inside the skool. A drained river splits both shores, so there can be lot's of fun trying to cross to the other site, but beware of the sniper alarm. When you come to the stairs there goes an alarm off, so be warned.

This is the fixed version of UJE_oldskool_sniper. Some people had troubles playing this map and theire ping went very high. The problem was the soundfile and it's erased now. ~[UJE]NiekET-Stuff
| [UJE]Clan

ET-Map: Farm Sniper (Beta 6)

08.10.2008 : 09:31

~ Download ~
This time a farm snipermap. There are lot's of sniperplaces on both sites and a boat to cross. The water is poisoned so the only way to cross is with the boat.

| [UJE]Clan

ETpro: Location Names

05.10.2008 : 17:51
This location names pack is provided by antman and it includes location name databases to more than 300 maps at the moment. Just unzip the to your etpro folder and you don't need to worry about anything else.

"You can freely use these files and distribute them as long as the original author is mentioned. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. My contact information can be found on the contacts page of my website,"



--> Location Names

Supported mods:

  • ETpro 3.x.x
  • Jaymod 2.x.x
  • NQ 1.x.x
  • ETpub 0.9.0 Nightly
Molotov via PM

ET-Mod: Kmod Features

05.10.2008 : 17:15
KMOD is a small shrublike variant to etpro similar to ETAdmin_mod.


  • Killingsprees plus all the other killingspree type stuff (Sounds Included) Messages and location can be changed in config.
  • Doublekills, Multikills, Megakills, Ultrakills, Monsterkills, Ludicrouskills, and Holyshits (Sounds Included) Messages and location can be changed in config.
  • Flakmonkey's - When you get 3 kills with either panzer or a riflenade. Message and location can be changed in config. Flakmonkey is reset if you get any other type of kill/teamkill/or if you die (Sound included)
  • Firstblood (Sound Included) Message and location can be changed in config.
  • Lastblood
  • Spreerecord (not including records for individual maps)
  • Enhanced Private Messaging - The sender can use partial name of recipiant or can now use the recipiants slot number. When using ETPro 3.2.6 or higher, a new sound will be played letting you know that you have a private message. Players can now private message all 2+ level admins currently on the server using /ma or /pma then your message.
  • Vote disable was taken directly from ETAdmin mod and is slightly enhanced such that it will detect changes to the timelimit. (see config for details)
  • Antiunmute - When a player is muted he may not be unmuted via vote
  • Advanced Adrenaline - Players using adrenaline now have a timer in their cp area displaying the amount of adrenaline time they have left. A sound will also be played in their general location letting everyone else know that they are using adrenaline (disableable) (sound included)
  • Killer's HP - Killer's HP is displayed to their victims. When you kill somone and are killed in return within a certain amount of time no message will be displayed. When a killer is using adrenaline the victim will see a message displaying so.
  • Advanced players - Time nudge and max packets are removed from players list and admins may see which admins (level 2+) are on the server using /admins
  • Chat log - All chats are logged along with player renames/connects/disconnects/and map restarts
  • Crazygravity - The exact same crazy gravity you've come to know and love Team kill restriction - Taken from Etadmin mod and uses punkbuster to kick (see config)
  • /kill limit - After the max amount of slash kills is reached they are no longer able to /kill.
  • Endround shuffle - At the end of each round teams are shuffled automatically I recomend using this on servers with alot of people.
  • Noise reduction - ETPRO 3.2.6 OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED!!! Plays all killingsprees multikills/deathsprees/and firstblood to the killer or victim depending on which one
  • Color codes can be changed for lastblood and killer HP display in config
  • Spawn kill protection - A newly spawned player will keep his spawn shield until he either moves or fires his weapon. (see config)
  • Paths to sounds can be changed to fit server admins needs.
  • Shrub style command system + make your own commands (semicolon delimited format. Rcon commands only)

ET-Minimod: Helmet for CovertOps

04.10.2008 : 20:35
This Skinpack replaces the paper caps of the CovertOps with iron helmets, like the other classes use them. 100% compatible with all mods (NQ, ETpub, JayMod, ETpro, etc...) You are allowed to do with this skinpack what you want, you may edit it, provide it on your website... I dont have any problems with that. ~Pisherman


--> Helmet for CovertOps

Pisherman via PM

ET-Map: HMS Superior v1.1

04.10.2008 : 16:17

~ Download ~
The Germans try to sink the english carrier HMS Superior.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: POW Camp (Beta 5)

03.10.2008 : 10:47

~ Download ~
The Allies have analyzed aerial recon photos and discovered the location of a notorious POW camp. A small Allied force is given the task of breaking into the camp to destroy it and liberate the prisoners from their captors.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Underwater Sniper (Beta 1)

03.10.2008 : 10:31

~ Download ~
Take a deep breath and ... snipe. This map is set at the bottum of a lake. You can breath in the temples and small eilands for the rest is it swim swim swim to youre sniperspot. The map is crosseble because the big Octopussy has some air under her arms.

Extra features in this map are:

  • 4 shootable sharks
  • Lot's of seahorses
  • Of course the water
  • Big Octopussy
| ET-Stuff

QW-Mod: Dogfights (Alpha 2)

03.10.2008 : 09:41

If you like fights in the air, timestar made the right mod for you.


--> Dogfights (Alpha 2)

To install just unzip it somewhere where the game can find it (C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars), it will unzip into it's own folder called 'dogfights'.

Important: You will need to set g_useCompiledScript to 0 before loading a map, I'll fix this for the next release.Community Enemy Territory

Texture Pack: 66 Skyboxes

01.10.2008 : 19:09
Necrom@ncer FR collected 66 skyboxes and a few seamless sky textures for your mapping and modding needs.


--> 66 Skyboxes
Wolfenstein Files

Günther Beckstein tritt zurück

01.10.2008 : 18:53
"Nach der Wahlpleite am vergangenen Sonntag tritt der bayerische Ministerpräsident Günther Beckstein von seinem Amt zurück. Das gab heute via Eilmeldung bekannt. Auch CSU-Chef Erwin Huber zieht seinen Hut, Generalsekretärin Christine Haderthauer wird folgen."

--> Lese weiter auf PC Games

PC Games

ET-Map-Mod: Baserace Desert Glowing Obj's

30.09.2008 : 00:02
Molotov made map mod wich's adding a nice green glow to the boxes. As extra he removed the chargetime factor modification, so the gameplay stay balanced even if a team secured much more objective than the other one.
--> Baserace Desert incl. Glowing Obj's
Molotov via PM

Der Tag nach der bay. Landtagswahl

29.09.2008 : 19:58
Abgewatscht. Die CSU hat ihr Wahlziel von "50+X" deutlich verfehlt und erreichte bei den Wahlen am Sonntag ein (vorläufiges) Ergebnis von 43,4% (vorherige Wahl: 60,7%). 17,3% Stimmverlust im Vergleich zur letzten Wahl sollten ein deutliches Zeichen gesetzt haben seine Politischen Ziele zu überdenken.
--> Vorläufiges Amtliches Ergebnis

ET-Map: Breakout 2 v1.2.0

27.09.2008 : 23:17

~ Download ~
Continuing where the previous Breakout left off, the Allies must fight their way through surrounding Axis forces and to freedom.

Objectives and Gameplay:

Allies must escort the tank to the exit rail tunnel to win, starting at a disused mine and then along the railway track to the station.

Axis will try to dynamite the footbridge over the railway to block the tank. If they do, Allies must dynamite the wreckage to clear the path.

At the station the Allies must then build a ramp to lift the tank off the rail track and into the station courtyard. Axis can construct a tank barrier just beyond this, so these objectives are fought over at the same time.

Once past the barrier the tank must go through the tunnel under the railway. Axis will try to dynamite the tunnel to block the road. If successful, Allies must dynamite the rubble to clear the way.

The road then leads into the Axis bunker - Allies must escort the tank through the bunker and out the other side.
The final chance for the Axis to block the tank is a desperate measure - they can destroy their own overhead bunker control room, so that the debris blocks the bunker exit. But this damages and buries the Axis CP located there.

If the bunker control room is destroyed, the Allies have to dynamite the debris to clear the path. This also clears the rubble from the Axis CP, allowing it to be rebuilt.

Finally the tank gets back onto the rail tracks and can escape through the exit railway tunnel.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: ETpub 0.9.0 Nightly (20080913)

27.09.2008 : 00:03
This nightly build of ETpub is probably a bit bugged, but the new ETpub 0.9.1 isn't far away from being released. Changelogs and manuals are included into the download.

--> ETpub 0.9.0 (Nightly)
ETpub Forum

ET-Tool: GtkRadiant 1.4 & 1.5

26.09.2008 : 21:01
If you need the GtkRadiant to create or change a map, we offer you a pack with five versions of the GtkRadiant for Windows and Linux.
Thanks to [EF]Tyrlop for pointing out the files!


--> GtkRadiant 1.4 & 1.5 (Windows & Linux)

Eamon ''Dutchmeat'' Woortman Interviewed

26.09.2008 : 20:32
Dutchmeat, the mastermind behind the modification "Wolfenstein: Vampire" talks with Anakin of about his upcoming mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

More Infos:

--> Interview with Dutchmeat at
--> ProgrammingAndStuff

PC Games-Vorschau zu Wolfenstein

26.09.2008 : 20:20
Auf PC Games gibt es einen kleinen Artikel zum kommenden Wolfenstein.

"Wann immer irgendwo auf dem Erdball etwas so richtig schief läuft, ist es Zeit für kompromisslose Solisten - wie James Bond, Rambo, Gordon Freeman, Max Payne oder eben US-Ranger B.J. Blazkowicz. Der kehrt wohlbehalten aus seinem letzten Einsatz hinter deutschen Linien zurück und meldet sich kurzerhand freiwillig zu einem nicht minder selbstmörderischen Auftrag: Nazis bauen einen mysteriösen Apparat, der sich als eine Art Waffe entpuppt. Und Blazkowicz bringt die richtigen Qualifikationen mit, um den Feinden der freien Welt Einhalt zu gebieten."

Lese weiter auf:

--> PC Games
Mentox via E-Mail

QW-Mod-Announced: Tribal Wars

24.09.2008 : 09:42
Tribal Wars is an upcoming total conversion modification for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars that promises to bring a Cyclops-sized dose of Starsiege: Tribes to the game. The mod is said to focus heavily on CTF-style gameplay and will feature all-new weapons, player models, and levels. For those of you wanting to see and read more about it, the Tribal Wars website is now online and features a trailer, screenshots, concept art, and a development blog. There's no release date yet, but the team is looking to have a public beta at some point in the unspecified future. ~badman

More Info:

--> Tribal Wars Website
--> Tribal Wars Development Blog

ET-Map: Streets of Italy (FP2)

21.09.2008 : 23:12

~ Download ~
Allies: Navigate your way around the Italian city and get that gold from the hands of the Axis.

Axis: Prevent the Allies from stealing the gold. Damage their vehicle, don't let them destroy our barriers!


  • custom escortable vehicle (Willy Jeep)
  • over 170 new custom textures
  • over 50 new custom sounds
  • custom sky
  • chickens!
  • nicely made map with unique atmosphere


  • Fixed dynamite issues
  • Fixed looping sounds
  • Fixed Jeep clipping
  • Fixed wallhacking in the tower
  • Fixed some light leaks
  • Fixed mortar issues
  • Fixed Mercedes glass transparency
  • Fixed black lines on the sky
  • Added Jeep stops few meters before barriers, to prevent repairing instead of arming dynamite
  • Added Command Post is a additional spawn for both teams
  • Added Jeep stops in the middle of tunnel, and is awaiting gold there
  • Added cracked wall in tower can be destroyed with satchel/dynamite
  • Added some roofs are unclipped now
  • Added Health/Ammo cabinets near Market Square
  • Added MG42 near CP
  • Added primary Axis house is bigger, and they spawn more inside to prevent SK
  • Added ladder to the roofs
  • Added constructable ladder to the balcony (for Allies)
  • Added fixed some brush problems...

IndyJones via MSN
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: Elitemod (Beta 2)

21.09.2008 : 15:05
Essentially it replaces the field ops class and adds a new class called “special ops”. This class can do everything a field ops can…and has a few tools and weapons from other classes. They will be able to pick up heavy weapons if found in the field (in-progress). The special ops carries a modded version of the trip-mine called “booby-trap”. There is a new version of the sten (MARK 3) which is the nomenclature of the updated model; it includes both skin and minor source code changes. There are a few other small improvements and changes in this mod.


--> Elitemod (Beta 2)


  • Compatible with 2.55/2.60b under win32/Linux
  • Changed the signals skill to 'specops skill' , and use of tripmines, thrown knives, mortar, and airstrikes contribute to this skill
  • I separated the specops uniform mod, so server owners can use what ever mod they want, or just use default uniforms
  • Real-world (unsuppressed) Sten Mark 3 sound
Planned for Elitemod Final / Version 1:
  • Soldier Class: will attempt to add the BAR rifle. If that don’t work out, a grenade rifle and mark 3 sten will be added to soldier’s selection. The mark 3 is no longer a suppressed smg, hence the better heat tolerance and louder firing sound.
  • Medic Class: Should medics have only light weapons and same HP? Forums decide.
  • Will add a selection of separate uniform packs of specialops for server owners to choose. In WWII there was no one-particular special ops uniform and it depended on the mission.
  • Tripmines: I am going a slightly different direction with the mines. I am going to make them smaller, with lower profile tripping line, significantly less damage and must be used at close range. The goal is to have people use them strategically instead of all over map. They will be called “light mines” and give skill points to both light weapons and specialops skill. These will be suitable for defending objectives and map exploits such as the back door on seawall battery map. At that point I will give the soldier a couple.
  • At the conclusion of this beta, the Soldier and Specialops will reign superior in close combat while the “support classes” mainly provide medical, engineering and sniper cover support… as it should be.

Soldier (beefed up a bit)

  • Added smoke canisters to assist engineers and others with objectives
  • More ammo on the MG-42 and reduced the recoil so if they get caught carrying the MG they have a slightly better chance at killing them at close range
  • More grenades

Special Ops (formerly field ops)

  • New spawn weapons consist of: default rifle, sniper rifle, and mark 3 sten
  • New uniforms, including tool bags
  • Tools now include:
    • Airstrike marker
    • Ammo packs
    • Satchel charge
    • Booby-traps (formerly trip-mines), Qty. (3) on special ops, may add to covert ops soon (press 9 to use)
    • Medic syringe
    • Pliers


  • Added ammo packs to help supply players, and not put this responsibility completely on special Ops

Weapons Changes

  • MARK 3 sten fires slightly faster, doesn’t overheat until the end of the clip now, and has a faster reload, and new look
  • MG42 has been modified so that when firing while standing, the screen does not get blurry (although the bullets still fire wild and the aim is difficult)
  • Booby-traps (trip-mines) are reintroduced, however the models, texture, damage, radius, spawn amount and tripping mechanism have been modded. A sound has been added when planting these traps but it is buggy at the moment.

Other Changes

  • Increased health by 10%
  • A few miscellaneous icons and graphics changes
  • True-to-form, the rank is hidden on the special ops class
  • Minor grenade qty. changes

Goal for this mod

The goal for this mod is to simply do more with the field ops and eventually the soldier classes. It would be nice to see an alternative to the traditional game-play and strategy while keeping things WWII original and realistic as possible. Finally it would be nice to see others get involved with taking this mod to a whole new level and perhaps even make it a branch of etpub.
The Reservist via E-Mail

ET-Bot: FritzBot (Final + Extras)

20.09.2008 : 14:53

Last year Maleficus released a small experimental patch for his Fritz Bot wich fixes the issue of bots trying to pick up docs/crates/gold/etc if they already have some.
TomTom created waypoints for the fritzbot, all the 'new' files are stored in the folder "extras" wich is included into the download file.


--> FritzBot ET (Final + Extras)
Mal's Whorehouse

QW-Mod: New Shaders v1.0

20.09.2008 : 14:47
The New Shaders mod by dafama2k7 is designed to give you some serious eye-candy that will tweak this game to a whole new level!


--> Download "New Shaders v1.0"
Although this file is based on the ETQW Demo 2, it should work just as well with ETQW Demo 1 as well (Be sure to make back-ups first, just in case) At this time, the developer has pointed out that he does not yet have the full retail game, but he is planning on getting it soon, and once he does, you can expect the same number of files and equally, the same quality of content that he currently produces for Doom III, Quake IV and Prey!QuakeWarsFiles

QW-Tool: QW Tweaker v1.3.7

20.09.2008 : 14:42
The 'Tweaker' is a small tweak utility for the game Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Demo and Full versions (BETA 2 is supported too). With it you can tune the game settings.

Download & Info:

--> Download "QW Tweaker v1.3.7"
--> Cleandesperado Website

Redeye's Enemy Territory Stuff

20.09.2008 : 00:53
Redeye's site offers various information about Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The site is in an early stage, but already worth to take a look.
--> Redeye's Enemy Territory Stuff
M|A|D [Cambo] via ICQ

Free Texture Packs

19.09.2008 : 13:08
Searched the web a few days and collected custom made texture packs for your mapping and modding needs. Happy Mapping!

Download & Info:

ETpub Stats Problems

19.09.2008 : 13:03
Problems with ETpub servers hanging at the end of a map tonight are caused by being offline.

The quick solution is to comment out the line set g_etpub_stats_id "long number here" in your server.cfg to // set g_etpub_stats_id "long number here"

This will prevent your server trying to update the end of map stats at